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November 26 2015


The Hero's Flaw: Naruto and His Loyalty To Friends

Truth be told, nothing can surpass the anime craze the most loved ninja world of Konoha has established. It makes an average high school student's life boring more than it is already.

Countless Stories of Friendship

You have to admit the amazing dedication the writers have put in establishing moral values into the manga series. With each character appearance, the concept of loyalty and trust never goes away, especially in the life of Uzumaki Naruto. He always strives in establishing friendships with other characters (even if he shows aggression and annoyance at the onset). It's hard to feel otherwise given the fact that ever since he was young, he never had any true friends (except maybe for his teacher and the old man at the ramen stand, but you can't really call them friends as that would put an end to his social life). Just look at some of the various encounters he endured over time:

• He spent years running after UchihaSasuke (even though he hated the guy before) to bring him back from the grasp of the evil Orochimaru.

• He changed the perspective (in a slighty unorthodox way) of the feared Sand ninja (and later on Kazekage of the Sand nation), Gaara.

• He even made positive contact with the anti-social and ever-pessimistic spy, Sai!

Of course, it isn't just his character that evolved over time. A lot of background stories of the supporting characters also revolve around friendship and loyalty. Remember the cute story of Sakura and Ino, for instance. Sakura was often teased because of her large forehead but Ino made her feel confident about herself (discounting the fact that they often get on each other's nerves because of their rivalry over Sasuke later on).

Even so, the manga also tackles a lot of serious issues, like the politics of the ninja nations, the brewing conspiracies inside and out, the discrimination and racism, and even terrorism! No wonder it's one of the best animes around!

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